Why is animation important?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Animation is the only medium that can bring fantasies to life.

We all grew up with the legendary Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Dooby Doo and Pokemon. They have connected with us very well and are ever imbibed in our memories.

The reason why animation has deeply connected with us since childhood is because it allows to depict unrealistic events easily which our mind fails to touch.

Animation is an intuitive art form- just like a canvas painting. It is a mix of imagination, creativity, meaning, colors and a story. In fact, it is the only medium that has a dimension of storytelling in it.

It depends on how the animator creates the visuals and tell a story through it.

As for as its importance, animation has evolved through the years and have touched every single domain.

Teachers have been heavily implementing animation in their teaching strategy to help their students understand the concepts that cannot be imagined or perceived.

Business, on the other hand are using explainer videos (Mostly animation) to spread the word about their products in the form of short and engaging videos.

Cartoons, Gaming, business, Edtech , Films and what not? Animation has created its place in every industry.

Importance of Animation in Everyday Life

The animation is a kind of character that brings fantasies to life or takes you to the life of fantasy. We all grew up watching the Cartoon Network or Disney, with the most loved characters, for instance, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mini Mouse, Scooby Doobie Do, Dexter, Pokémon and the world’s famous Tom and Jerry. These characters are absorbed in our memories like forever, it happens because of the power of colors and animation the brain has gained.

Another reason of why animation has deeply connected with us since childhood is because it allows you to draw an imaginary land of wonders, they might be unrealistic, but these are the events that remain in the brain for years. The animation is a kind of art, maybe just like a canvas to draw a painting on. Importance of animation can’t be defined properly because it is more than the definition.

The animation is a mixture of imaginative, creative, thoughtful, meaningful, color of love and sparkles, and stories which are based on fantasies. In actuality, it is the only feature that has a dimension of storytelling within it, but it depends on how you are making it important whether it’s according to the importance of animation or how the animator has created the visual effects to tell the story through animation.

As far as the importance of animation concerns, animation has developed over the years and have encountered every single area of satisfaction and every field. For instance, nowadays, teachers are using animated movies to gain the extra attention of the student because it’s helping many students to understand the basic concepts of different topics that can’t be imagined or learned.

Also, the importance of animation in the business world is not less because animation in business is playing an amazing role just to increase the information about their stocks, goods, and products in the form of brief and engaging videos. Other platforms where the animation is important, Cartoons, Gaming, business, Films and what not? Must say that the animation has produced its place in every industry.

if the animation can be found in the most versatile and flexible source then it is amazing for communicating the concepts and share all of your point of views and thoughts of all kinds to broad viewers, no matter if they are young or old they would enjoy learning the concept. Animation enables you to bring the life to the concepts that may be known as cost-prohibitive or even seems difficult with live-action.

For example, you are trying to show a guy surrounded by the sharks while swimming and we all know all we can do with it is to animate it at a fraction of the cost and without the significant risks and logistical hurdles of using a film company. Also, if you want to highlight someone on a Vespa, falling across the Grand Canyon then do just one thing, yeah, you are right! Just animate it!

A lot of people manage to compare themselves with animated characters in a way that they can’t even do this comparing thing with human actors or models in live-action, fictions, non-fiction, romance, and other kinds of movies, videos, and shows. Most of the people manage to defeat the defender with animated characters while concentrating limited on the look, attire or race and extra on the message that delivered to them.

We can find the importance of animation in a lot of areas and fields, I personally find its value in its versatility. there are a lot of platforms where the animation can be valued and used in a proper way, what I mean is just give out a look on “in how many spheres animation can be used” and evaluate the worth and importance of animation.

It also has its role that playing a meaningful part in Entertainment and IT industries. Use of animation that has increased, opened many paths for people to earn the living by creating the impressive and creative animated videos or short movies. The extent of a career in animation after having an animation course is actually unlimited and you can gain a lot of success in this field. All you require is a condition that the people who do the work in this filed must be with skills and accurate training so you can endure a creative job in any industry today.

Animated social media graphics are on top. Beyond entertaining effects and surprising moments. Nowadays, GIFs have become an excellent way to share emotions and fun. There is no doubt that people love to share exciting things which spread colors on social sites. Also, the professional, colorful, and elaborated animations will be an efficient form of visual communication. So yeah, we can’t deny that animation is not important because we can see it everywhere.